The Benefits Of Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet cutting involves using a special cutter that employs a jet of high pressure water to cut through a variety of different materials. Watching the process of this jet stream is quite fascinating, and this method of cutting certainly gets the job done quickly, but that exactly are the advantages of using waterjet cutting? Read on to find out.

Waterjet Cutters Are Green Technology

We all know – or should know, at least – that we have to become a lot more environmentally friendly in everything we do. That applies to business owners and individuals, and whether it’s your home or business, you need to work out ways to be kinder to the planet.

Using waterjet cutting methods is one such improvement you can make. The cold cutting process doesn’t create any kind of dangerous or hazardous waste, and neither does it employ any chemicals in the cutting methods. As we’ve said, it’s simply a water jet, albeit a highly pressurised one.

Waterjet Cutters Can Get Through Almost Anything

Another get benefit to using waterjet cutting machines is that they will cut almost any material. Compare a waterjet cutter with another type of cutting machine, and you’ll see that whereas other units might have quite large limitations on what they can cut for you, the waterjet cutter is far more likely to do the job you need it to do. As examples, the waterjet cutting machine can cut through:

So no matter what job you need to be done, waterjet cutting technology will help you achieve your goal.

The Cutting Steam Produces Less Heat

When working on metal fabrication, one of the big and potentially most dangerous issues is the heat. Traditional laser cutting will produce a huge amount of heat which means you need to be extremely careful when using the equipment, and damage is highly possible. If you choose to cut metal with a waterjet cutting machine, however, you’ll find that much less heat is produced, making it a lot safer to use.

Not only does the material you are cutting not get as hot as it would if you were using other cutting services, but there are no additional heat affected zones adjacent to the cutting tables either. This means that the area you’re working in won’t overheat, making it safer for you, your work colleagues, and your place of work in general.

Waterjet Cutting Is Highly Accurate

Another advantage of waterjet cutting that is sure to mean a lot to both business owners and their customers is that this method of cutting is extremely accurate. In fact, waterjet cutters can offer a 0.13mm degree of accuracy. Plus, they can cut highly intricate 3D shapes and specific patterns, meaning that no matter what you need in terms of the material you’re cutting, the waterjet cutter can offer it to you.

For more information about waterjet cutters and what they can do for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

What is the Purpose of a Plasma Cutter?

If you work in the metal cutting business, you will know only too well how strong this material is, and this is why it is used to build some of the world’s most important creations. Unfortunately, it’s this immense strength that also acts as its main weakness. To put it bluntly, metal is extremely hard to manipulate and mould.

Or this would be the case, if no one had invented plasma cutting machines. With the ability to slice through metals such as stainless steel, aluminium, brass and copper with little to no resistance, you can enjoy superior cutting quality and high speed when you choose to invest in plasma cutting machines.

What is the Purpose of a Plasma Cutter? 1

How does a plasma cutter work?

A plasma cutter works by sending an electric arc through a gas such as oxygen or nitrogen that is passing through a restricted opening. Using this extreme heat, plasma cutters can increase the temperature of the gas and convert it into plasma gas. This results in the ability to pass through metals and create clean lines and sturdier constructions.

Generally, this method of cutting metals is safer than using a manual saw which is why it is favoured by so many metalworkers.

What sort of work is plasma cutting used for?

Plasma cutting machines are used in all sorts of metal fabrication projects and are often found on construction sites or salvage yards. They can also be used by designers and sculptors and in the production process of decorative panels for interior projects.

In several mild steel products, plasma cut metal is combined with metal finishing processes such as powder coating for a coloured finish.

Plasma cutters can be used to cut a straight line, for cutting shapes and even for cutting bespoke images. Check out our ultrasharp plasma cutting machines that use the latest cutting technology to provide the highest quality cut each and every time.

What is the Purpose of a Plasma Cutter? 2

What types of plasma cutters are available?

Plasma cutters are used in a wide variety of different industries, including construction, manufacturing, auto shops and locksmiths. There are two main types of plasma cutters that you can choose from: manual plasma cutters and mechanised plasma cutters.

Manual plasma cutters, aka a plasma torch or a plasma arc, tend to be handheld and are smaller, portable and often more versatile than their mechanised counterparts. These types of cutters are usually used for light metal applications.

Mechanised plasma cutters, on the other hand, are better suited to large scale jobs. Typically these cutters have more features and are used in conjunction with cutting tables. They are not portable and require a large power supply to work.

The type of plasma cutter that you choose will be dependent on the size, shape and thickness of the material that you need to cut.

Need help choosing a plasma cutting machine for your business? Contact us here today, and we will share our knowledge of high precision cutting with you.

Kerf Makes It With New Linc Cut

For manufacturers looking for a cost-effective CNC plasma cutting table that is easy to install, easy to set up and even easier to operate, Kerf Developments has the solution with the new Linc-Cut S 1530W. If you are looking to boost your responsiveness and creativity, this new ‘plug and play’ plasma cutting system could be the perfect cutting machine for your business.

The machine has been designed and developed by Lincoln Electric, the leading Global supplier of cutting and welding equipment.  Kerf Developments will be supplying and commissioning the machines and providing training for the operators, together with service, support and spares from their headquarters in Rochdale.

Perfect for cutting mild steel and stainless steel plate up to 1.5m by 3m, the Linc-Cut 1530 makes high-speed plasma cutting affordable and attainable for small metal fabrication companies, sheet-metal contractors, custom vehicle fabricators, and prototyping companies.  Whilst the cost-effective price point and flexibility of the machine make it appealing; the productivity, capability and flexibility guarantee a shrewd investment for any sheet metal processing business.

Parts that customers may want to manufacture on the machine can be input using a variety of methods. The CAD software supplied as part of the turnkey package enables users to draw components. The system also allows users to import parts in standard file formats such as DXF or DWG. Pre-loaded into the software is also 36 standard parametric shapes that include everything from simple adjustable rectangles through to complex circular flanges to simplify and speed up part programming for the end-user. Once drawn, the system is able to nest components with the potential for manual or automated programming for maximum material utilisation and cost-savings.

The Linc-Cut 1530 is fitted with the latest Lincoln Electric Flexcut 125amp plasma system which offers excellent cutting and marking performance with a very low bevel angle and an impressive cut quality. Adding to the quality and precision is impressive productivity levels with the machine capable of cutting 25mm steel plate at up to 800mm/min and thin sheets in the 6mm range at speeds beyond 5300mm/min.

From an ease-of-use perspective, the Accumove CNC motion control technology provides increased processing power and synchronisation of each component on the table. The electronic torch height control, motors and computer-aided manufacturing software are all managed within this single operating system that keeps the entire communication loop enclosed and delivered through a single visual display. The new Visual Machine Designer (VMD) is the human-machine interface (HMI) of all Accumove CNC controllers as its user-friendly design and appealing layout is extremely easy to learn and use. This is credit to a set of new functions that have been installed directly in the controller to simplify the cutting process.

These features include Process Management that allows all parameters to be controlled through the 20inch touchscreen display with a host of functions that can increase productivity. This intelligent system can automatically determine cutting conditions based on a few simple parameters entered by the user such as material thickness and type. Additional innovations include plate alignment that simplifies material loading and calculates alignment to adjust and control trajectory accordingly and the laser positioning mode that simplifies the aligning of sheets. The package also includes an automatic nesting module that enables users to load DXF or DWG files, enter the quantity and the VMD software will automatically generate the production nests.

Suitable for installation in any environment, the water table makes it possible to capture any dust released during cutting and any residual gas escape will remain below the exposure limit values for workshop conditions.

For further details on how this machine can improve your productivity, throughput and drive cost reductions for your business, please contact Kerf Developments.