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24th August 2022
What are the Oxy-fuel Welding and Cutting Safety Procedures?

Oxy-fuel can be immensely useful for cutting and welding, but it is important to keep in mind that they are serious pieces of equipment that can be dangerous if you misuse them. This is why it is vital that you learn more about the various safety procedures you need to abide by to stay out […]

24th August 2022
What are Some Oxy-Fuel Cutting Hazards?

Oxy-fuel cutting is cutting mild steel using oxygen and fuel gas. It is a precise and popular method used by many welders. Like any metal-cutting process, though, it comes with risks – ones that every welder should know. The Hazards Oxy-fuel cutting can be dangerous, especially if the equipment is faulty or improperly used. Here […]

24th August 2022
10 Facts About Oxy-fuel Cutting

There are several ways to cut through metal, and oxy-fuel cutting is one of them. Used by welders to cut through steel, it is a popular cutting method that is extremely popular - for plenty of reasons. If you’re interested to learn more about oxy-fuel cutting, here are ten interesting facts about it. 1: Oxy-fuel […]

24th August 2022
Oxy-fuel vs Plasma Cutting

If you are trying to find the best cutting metal option, then your choice will likely whittle down to two types of cutting tools - oxy-fuel and the plasma cutter.  Both are strong options, and the cutting process you eventually opt for will largely depend on the sort of alloy you are cutting, where you […]

9th June 2022
How hot do plasma cutters get?

Thinking about investing in a plasma cutting machine but wondering how hot can they actually get? As one of the most effective ways to cut metal using heat, a plasma torch needs to be reaching a very high temperature in order to do its job properly. Whether you are concerned about safety or you want […]

9th June 2022
Can a plasma cutter cut aluminium?

Plasma cutting is most commonly known for its ability to cut stainless steel, but you may be wondering if it can also be used to cut aluminium. Within the below blog, you will discover if plasma cutting systems have the ability to effectively cut aluminium as well as how you can achieve a high-quality, clean […]

23rd March 2022
What Thickness of Metal Can a Waterjet Cutter Penetrate Through?

If you are looking for a metal cutting solution that fits your specific requirements, then you need to take water jet cutters into consideration. Waterjets are one of the most effective cutting methods you can use for metal, providing a whole host of benefits.  Not only does the waterjet approach offer the widest range of […]

23rd March 2022
What Metals Can Oxy-Fuel Cut?

Oxy-fuel cutting machines are one of the most impressive solutions on the market, offering a range of benefits that could take your metal-cutting processes to the next level. There are a number of reasons for this. Firstly, oxy-fuel cutting machines are incredibly accurate, thanks to a small plasma torch. This allows it to create shapes […]

23rd March 2022
What Is High-Definition Plasma Cutting?

High-definition plasma cutting machines are a clear cut above standard systems. While this may not necessarily be relevant to you if the cut quality is not high on the priority list, it is crucial to know enough about these innovative tools to decide which plasma cutter is right for your needs. For some, the additional […]


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