Can a Waterjet Cutting Machine Cut Through Anything?

Are you thinking about investing in a waterjet cutting machine but are not sure if this popular tool lives up to the hype? Known for its ability to cut through almost any material, surely even this innovative technology must have its limits?

Keep reading to find out whether these high pressure pumps are everything you hoped them to be. Plus, discover how thick they can cut and where to buy the best waterjet cutter online.

What materials can a waterjet cut?

If you are looking to buy a waterjet cutting machine, rather than look at what you can’t cut with a waterjet machine, let’s take a closer look at what you can cut with this versatile and multitasking tool. This should help in making that final purchasing decision.


Waterjets can cut all types of metal, including aluminium, hardened tool steel, titanium, and a whole host of other lesser-known types of metals that you would struggle to cut through with another cutting method.

When you cut material with a waterjet, you will obtain a smooth edge with no burn marks or cracking, and, since the cut process is a cold one, there is no heat-affected zone.


Natural materials such as glass, stone, and wood can also be easily cut using a waterjet cutter. In fact, our waterjet cutting machines can cut through practically any natural material you can find.

Using special abrasive waterjets, you can machine natural materials with the utmost precision and producing less particulate than with static cutting methods.


Abrasive waterjet cutting has many advantages when cutting composites, such as carbon fibre, including no melting, no hazardous fumes, and no need to change tooling halfway through the job.

Water jet cutting machines can be used to make an accurate cut in any fibre-reinforced material with both high speed and high precision.  

Plastic & Rubber

Using just a stream of water, you can easily cut through machine foam, rubber, and acrylics with ease, making a waterjet cutter one of the most flexible cutting tools on the market. As many products are made using these two materials, plastic and rubber, it can be handy to know that you have a suitable tool to handle the job of cutting them to the shape and size you require.

How thick can a waterjet cutting machine cut?

The only thing you need to consider when deciding if a waterjet cutter is the right tool for you is whether it can cut thick enough for your requirements. As a general rule, abrasive waterjets can cut through 12 inches of most materials, with some users reporting that their chosen waterjet cutter cut even thicker than that.

That being said, most people who use waterjet cutters cut material that is 3 inches thick or less as cutting thicker materials reduces the tolerance that can be maintained and increases the length of time it takes to make the cut.

Interested to know more about waterjet cutting machines and whether or not this is the right cutting method for your professional or personal needs? Contact us here, and our friendly and knowledgeable team will answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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