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17th August 2023
Kerf is Part of the Family at Made Profiles

After working in the sheet metal profiling industry for over 20 years, Mark Derbyshire admirably wanted to build his own family business to provide a better future for his young family. Starting with nothing but industry contacts and experience, Mr Derbyshire formed Made Profiles in March and only a matter of months later, the company […]

17th August 2023
Kerf Improves Cycle Times by 70% for Subcontract Profile Company

When subcontract profile cutting company Patrick Steel Ltd was looking at possible ways to expand its well established business, the Coventry company investigated the potential benefits of acquiring a plasma cutting machine to complement its existing cutting, grinding and fabrication capacity. As a company established in 1986, Patrick Steel has the expertise, experience and industry […]

17th August 2023
AEM Steel Profiles Invest for their Future

When Adam May was working for a steel profiling company, the young engineer was disillusioned by the poor quality and lead times of the supply chain. Mr May spotted a gap in the market for a reputable company to deliver high quality steel profiles to tight delivery schedules; so he set up AEM Steel Profiles […]

17th August 2023
Kerf Gets Subcontractor into Top Gear

Ten years ago, Hopwood Gear Ltd invested in an Oxy-Propane gas cutting machine from Kerf Developments. Owning a machine that run like a dream with exemplary service support for over a decade was two of the key reasons why the Oldham based subcontractor went back to Kerf for its latest machine, a twin-head waterjet machine. […]

17th August 2023
The Power Of Plasma

A PES report By Ed Hill - reprinted from Production Engineering Solutions Although a well-established technology for cutting sheet metal, plasma cutting can seem overshadowed by lasers. However, the latest advances from Kerf Developments demonstrate that this process can compete, not only in cutting speed and quality but importantly on cost as well. Ed Hill […]

19th April 2023
The Evolution of the Plasma Cutting Process

The plasma cutting process has been around for many years and is proving to be a very flexible and cost effective method of manufacture. Systems are available that can cut 1mm thick parts right the way through to 60mm thick parts. The process is being used to cut aluminium, mild steel, stainless steel and the […]

19th April 2023
What Is High-Definition Plasma Cutting?

High-definition plasma cutting machines are a clear cut above standard systems. While this may not necessarily be relevant to you if the cut quality is not high on the priority list, it is crucial to know enough about these innovative tools to decide which plasma cutter is right for your needs. For some, the additional […]

12th January 2023
How Does a Water Jet Cutting Machine Work?

Are you thinking about investing in a water jet cutting machine? If yes, then it can be a good idea to first find out how this high-speed cutting tool works. Offering unrivalled precision cutting and the ability to cut a wide range of different materials, read on to find out exactly everything you need to […]

21st October 2022
What Materials Can a Waterjet Cutting Machine Cut Through?

Waterjet cutting machines are incredibly useful tools because they can easily cut through an incredible range of materials. Many cutters or drills have a difficult time cutting through dense materials like concrete or metals, but waterjets take it in their stride. This is why they are regarded so highly in a variety of industries – […]


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