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26th January 2022
The Benefits of Oxy-Fuel Cutting

Are you trying to decide between using a plasma cutter and an oxy-fuel cutting system? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Within the below blog, we will tell you everything there is to know about using an oxy-fuel cutting machine, including the five main benefits of oxy fuel torches. How do […]

20th January 2022
The Industries That Rely on Waterjet Cutting Machines That May Surprise You

Waterjet cutting machines – such as a milling machine – can be used in all sorts of different industries and for a range of different purposes as well without the need for fossil fuel such as crude oil and natural gas. While some of them may be predictable, such as stone, ceramic, and glass cutting, […]

18th January 2022
What Industries Utilise Plasma Cutting?

Plasma cutting machines – which are different from waterjet machines – have steadily started to replace traditional torches thanks to their range of advantages and the level of usefulness that they can offer to all sorts of different industries. Essentially, they use an inert gas that is compressed and produce a high voltage electric arc […]

14th January 2022
How Precise Is a Waterjet Cutting Machine?

Before you decide that a waterjet cutting machine is going to be useful in your industry and to your particular business, there may be some key questions that you would like to have answered first. One of these is likely to relate to how precise the cutting head you have will be. This is a […]

11th January 2022
What Can a Plasma Cutting Machine Cut Through?

A plasma cutter is a piece of equipment that has become highly popular in recent years for its ability to quickly and accurately cut through metals. As you may expect, it is the type of equipment that can be utilized across all sorts of different industries, and there is no doubt that many businesses make […]

13th October 2021
Plasma Cutting Machines – Advantages & Disadvantages

Not sure if a plasma cutter is the right choice for your business? Discover the advantages and disadvantages of the plasma cutting process here.

13th October 2021
How to Operate a Plasma Cutting Machine?

Discover how to operate a plasma cutter for maximum efficiency and minimum effort here. Plus, discover our high-quality range of plasma cutting systems.

13th October 2021
What Levels of Pressure Are Used by Waterjet Cutting Machines?

Interested to know how much pressure is used during water jet cutting? Find out the optimum level of pressure for a fast and superior cut quality here.

13th October 2021
Water Jet Cutting Machines – Advantages & Disadvantages

Thinking of investing in a waterjet machine? Discover the pros and cons of abrasive waterjet systems and make the right choice for your business.


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