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Kerf stock a wide range of consumables for oxy-fuel, plasma cutting machines, and waterjet cutting machines. We stock a variety of parts for our machines and also third parties. If you are looking for competitive prices then please leave your contact details and requirements using the link below.

Kerf offer genuine plasma cutting consumables for a range of plasma units including Air Liquide, Hypertherm plasma consumables, Kjellberg plasma consumbales, and Lincoln Electric consumables.

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Our Mission

Whether it is for the supply of new or factory refurbished profile cutting machines, spare parts and plasma cutting machine consumables supply or engineering support our aim is always to exceed our customers’ expectations.

We appreciate that by doing so and doing so on a regular basis that these customers will become our best sales companions in the future.

Kerf developments are a UK supplier of plasma cutting consumables. Read our guide to plasma cutting consumables.

Call Kerf with your requirements on +44 (0)1706 757670 or email us

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