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Kerf RUM Profile Cutting Machine


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With similar design principles to the RUR Profile Cutting Machine, the RUM is available for applications requiring a wider cut width of up to 4000mm.

Perfect for high demand production, with an ultrasonically stress relieved frame for added resilience. Digitally synchronised drive units coupled to planetary gear boxes power our twin side rack and pinion units. Every part is precision engineered to high tolerances for a smooth and precise cut.

Ideal for oxy-fuel, plasma and combination applications the RUM has been designed for heavy duty profilers who may need to process wider sheets or possibly cut with multi-heads.

Material Thickness

1mm to 300mm

Table Size

2500mm, 3000mm, 3500mm and 4000mm wide.

Supported Materials

Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Hardox, Aluminium and structural sections

Supported Cutting Technology

Oxy-Fuel, Plasma, Ultrasharp Plasma


See it in action


See it in action


Oxy-fuel, plasma and combination machines can be supplied with single or multiple cutting torches with the option for electronic ignition and automatic torch height control. The heavier bridge design of the RUM is ideal for multiple head configurations and where a wider span is required.

The Kerf RUM can be configured with a choice of plasma systems ranging from a 150 amp high definition plasma system right the way through to the top of the range Lincoln Electric Spirit II 400amp plasma unit.




To find out more about our range of profile cutting machines, please don't hesitate to get in touch for free advice, support, or technical knowledge.

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