How Does a CNC Plasma Cutter Work?

If you are starting to research different types of metal cutting machines, you will be forgiven for feeling confused by the sheer range of choice available and which tool best suits your requirements.

The CNC plasma cutter is one such tool, and it is certainly a compelling option worth learning more about. It has built a reputation as being a cost-effective and agile cutting solution, which can be used to cut several different metals, including stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium and wear-resistant plate.

Here is everything you need to know about CNC plasma cutters, and whether it is a tool that is suited to your needs

What Industries Utilise Plasma Cutting?

What is a CNC plasma cutter?

The CNC plasma cutter is a manufacturing process in which a computer-operated plasma torch cuts through metals of various shapes and sizes. CNC stands for computer numerical control. 

At a fundamental level, this requires CNC plasma cutting machines to propel a jet of hot plasma at the intended material, cutting through it efficiently, quickly, and accurately. To do this, the plasma cutter directs a jet of gas, or compressed air, through its nozzle at a high velocity before adding an electric arc into the mix, which is what creates the plasma itself. 

Benefits of CNC plasma cutting machines

There are several benefits associated with using plasma cutting machines, and CNC variants in particular.

The first and perhaps most persuasive reason to use CNC plasma cutting systems is that they can cut through metals far faster than other cutting tools, such as laser cutters. This can help you to increase the overall speed of your production and make your workflow processes a lot more efficient.

Another benefit of CNC metal cutting is that you can cut through far heavier and thicker pieces of metal. Alternatives like flame-cutting equipment can’t cut with the same power on these types of metal. 

While a CNC cutting machine does give away a little in overall cut quality, you can still expect a high quality finish overall. 

Finally, CNC plasma cutting tables incorporate easy to use software, which allows your staff to operate the machine without needing specialist computational knowledge. 

If you are interested in finding out more about how CNC plasma cutters can benefit your business from a manufacturer of CNC, then contact us

CNC Plasma cutter use cases

CNC plasma cutters can be used in a range of different industries. 

These industries include aviation, which commonly uses plasma cutters to cut, weld, or modify various commercial and military aircraft components. 

Moreover, plasma cutters are often used in the automotive world by car manufacturers who make use of the tool’s innate flexibility to create a variety of uniquely shaped and sized componentry. 

As you can undoubtedly work out, almost all manufacturing-based industries that cut heavy-duty metals can use CNC plasma cutters, but this does not limit it to such a use case. For example, sculptors and artists have used CNC plasma cutters when working with metal because it has the flexibility and speed to keep up with their creative vision.

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