How Precise Is a Waterjet Cutting Machine?

Before you decide that a waterjet cutting machine is going to be useful in your industry and to your particular business, there may be some key questions that you would like to have answered first. One of these is likely to relate to how precise the cutting head you have will be. This is a query that we will examine in more detail in the following blog post. To give the short answer: yes, waterjet cutting has high accuracy and precision of the high pressure pumps. Before we find out why, we will need to look closer at what it actually is and what sort of materials can be partitioned with it.

What is waterjet cutting?

Before going any further into describing the type of accuracy that you can expect, we first need to think about what the waterjet machine is cutting in more detail. Essentially, it is a cold cutting process that utilizes a high velocity and extremely high pressure water stream that may also be used in combination with a certain abrasive mineral substance for abrasive waterjet cutting.

What materials can be cut with it?

A waterjet cutting machine is capable of cutting all sorts of different hard and soft materials, but some of the most common ones on the list include stone, plastic, metals - including stainless steel, wood, and composites, which obviously covers off all sorts of different industries to increase the cutting capacity. In fact, it is only a few types of material that are going to be unsuitable for the efficient cutting of the water jet process entirely.

How Precise Is a Waterjet Cutting Machine? 1

What makes waterjet cutting so accurate?

Waterjet systems have been created in such a way that it is highly precise and can deal with tolerances that are extremely high and often cannot be supported by other forms of cutting. In fact, materials of up to 10 inches thick can be cut through, and it is also a highly accurate cut process if you are looking to work with materials that are sensitive to heat in one way or another.

What are the main advantages of the accuracy?

Obviously, there are bound to be specific circumstances in which the cutting techniques of the pure water and cold cutting process prove to be highly desirable and appealing. First of all, the edges that can be cut in often tough materials can be made to be standardized, and they can also be made to be highly smooth. Not only this, but you do not tend to have to switch from tool to tool as the precision instruments work widely. The programming of the waterjet cutting machines can be done from a computer, which means that the process does not need a huge amount of interaction once it has been successfully programmed on the device used.

With this blog, you now have a general overview that gives you some more information about waterjet cutters and just how accurate they can be. Ultimately, this is a process that can be used in all sorts of iterations and industries as diverse as construction, aerospace, art, education, and more.

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