Kerf Cuts Into New Technology

Kerf Developments, the Rochdale based manufacturer, has launched a 2020 Version of the highly acclaimed UltraSharp plasma cutting technology.

Kerf Cuts Into New Technology 1

The cutting technology provides a cost-effective alternative to laser cutting for many applications. The UltraSharp technology intelligently utilises material databases to calculate the most appropriate cutting strategy, identifying the most suitable speeds and feeds, gas pressures and applying the most appropriate lead-in lead-out strategies.

Calculating and combining all these strategies, UltraSharp offers customers high cutting speeds, consistent cut quality, excellent edge finish and downstream productivity benefits. Improving up, what as Kerf states, is already considered the best technology available.

RUR 2500 image of machine cutting metal

The RUR2500 is an extremely popular and cost effective Plasmaster 3015 profiling machine. Initially launched at MACH 2016, the Plasmaster is a compact machine that enables Kerf to bridge the gap between the high-end RUR machines and the refurbished machines the Rochdale company supplies. Significantly with new technology since its introduction, the enhanced Plasmaster 3015 targets smaller businesses wanting to cut everything from thin materials such as ductwork through to heavy duty fabricators needing to cut thicker materials up to 25mm. Kerf has created a robust, efficient and productive machine that appeals to a range of manufacturers.

Finance for the entire product range is available through Kerf Developments long standing partner; Finance for Business.

Tel: 01706 757 670

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