Kerf Sales & Growth Strengthen in 2019

Kerf Developments has witnessed impressive growth throughout 2019, which has been strong across the entire product range of oxy-fuel, plasma and waterjet cutting systems.

Structural steel applications have been one of the most signi cant growth areas for Kerf, as manufacturers can now cut bolt-ready holes and slots more accurately than ever before. This is largely credit to the latest UltraSharp plasma cutting technology, now available across a complete range of Kerf machines.

The ability to also cut holes and slots into box sections, angles, channels and other sectional materials on standard machines has also been a factor in sales to this sector.

Sales of larger sized oxy-fuel and plasma cutting machines have also been strong. Machines with huge cutting beds sometimes beyond 40 m long and in many cases with multiple cutting stations offer signi cant improvements in material utilisation, throughput and productivity, with larger plates being processed with ease, around the clock, if required.

The engineering team has been busy throughout 2019, developing and evaluating new products and technologies, as well as refurbishing a wide range of older Kerf machines. As part of the machine lifecycle, Kerf accepts ageing machines from customers that outgrow existing technology.

Customers frequently upgrade to larger machines and Kerf can accept and refurbish to as-new such old machines.

The refurbishment process includes a complete strip-down and rebuild, with many machines receiving upgraded control and plasma systems to breathe new life into them. This offers customers with smaller budgets the opportunity to purchase a high quality and extremely productive Kerf machine, an approach that has become very popular among pro ling companies.

In fact, the service has become so popular with customers that every factory-refurbished machine rebuilt in 2019 has now been sold. Finally, Kerf Developments enjoys an unparalleled reputation for customer service.

Kerf Sales & Growth Strengthen in 2019 1
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