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Kerf Cuts Into New Technology

Kerf Developments, the Rochdale based manufacturer, has launched a 2020 Version of the highly acclaimed UltraSharp plasma cutting technology. The cutting technology provides a cost-effective

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The Plasma Process

P.P. Profiles has installed a colossal 39m long Kerf plasma and flame cutting machine to process almost 40% of its steel. Like many small start-ups,


Kerf Sales & Growth Strengthen in 2019

Kerf Developments has witnessed impressive growth throughout 2019, which has been strong across the entire product range of oxy-fuel, plasma and waterjet cutting systems. Structural

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The Power Of Plasma

A PES report By Ed Hill – reprinted from Production Engineering Solutions Although a well-established technology for cutting sheet metal, plasma cutting can seem overshadowed

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BSK Engineering: Keeping An Edge

BSK Engineering has seen explosive new growth with new plasma cutting purchases. When BSK Engineering opened it’s doors for business in 2001, the family owned

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If It’s Not Burning, It’s Not Earning!

To realise its ambitions of being the UK’s leading independent profiling and processing company, the P.P. Group has consolidated its business interests by bringing its

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