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6th March 2021
Kerf Makes It With New Linc Cut

For manufacturers looking for a cost-effective CNC plasma cutting table that is easy to install, easy to set up and even easier to operate, Kerf Developments has the solution with the new Linc-Cut S 1530W. If you are looking to boost your responsiveness and creativity, this new ‘plug and play’ plasma cutting system could be […]

22nd December 2020
Plasma Cutting Consumables: An Expert Guide

Plasma cutting machines use a variety of consumables which need replacing periodically in order for your machine to function optimally. Keeping on top of your plasma consumables is essential if you want to ensure high-quality cutting, time after time. Since your cutting machine is forever operating at extreme high temperature, keeping on top of these […]

30th November 2020
The Evolution of the Plasma Cutting Process

The plasma cutting process has been around for many years and is proving to be a very flexible and cost effective method of manufacture. Systems are available that can cut 1mm thick parts right the way through to 60mm thick parts. The process is being used to cut aluminium, mild steel, stainless steel and the […]

30th September 2020
Kerf Developments And Lantek Collaboration Delivers Industry Leading Plasma Technology

Kerf Developments has been building plasma, oxy-fuel and waterjet cutting machines since 2002. The company originally started as a service-based organisation, repairing and upgrading a broad range of profile cutting machinery. It was the experiences gained working on such a varied range of equipment that formed the basis of the current machine range.  Dan Taylor, […]

10th September 2020
West Wales Company is a Trailblazer With New Kerf Machine

Founded over 30 years ago in a small ‘shed’, CLH Trailers has grown into one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of trailers for the agricultural, fishing, marine, sport, leisure and farming industries. As the product range has grown, so has the factory, staff levels and investment in technology – with the latest addition to the […]

7th July 2020
Kerf Cuts Into New Technology

Kerf Developments, the Rochdale based manufacturer, has launched a 2020 Version of the highly acclaimed UltraSharp plasma cutting technology. The cutting technology provides a cost-effective alternative to laser cutting for many applications. The UltraSharp technology intelligently utilises material databases to calculate the most appropriate cutting strategy, identifying the most suitable speeds and feeds, gas pressures […]

7th July 2020
Kerf Installs Colossal Cutting Machine At Steel Processing Plant

Like many small start-ups, P.P. Profiles Ltd was a business conceived in a remarkably small building. In this case, a basement of a cotton mill in Walkden, Greater Manchester. 43 years and the profile and processing company has bought a plasma and flame cutting machine from Kerf Developments that, at 39 m in length, wouldn't […]

18th June 2020
The Plasma Process

P.P. Profiles has installed a colossal 39m long Kerf plasma and flame cutting machine to process almost 40% of its steel. Like many small start-ups, P.P. Profiles Ltd. was a business conceived in a remarkably small building. In this case, the basement of a cotton mill in Walkden, Greater Manchester (UK). Forty-three years later, the […]

18th June 2020
Kerf Sales & Growth Strengthen in 2019

Kerf Developments has witnessed impressive growth throughout 2019, which has been strong across the entire product range of oxy-fuel, plasma and waterjet cutting systems. Structural steel applications have been one of the most signi cant growth areas for Kerf, as manufacturers can now cut bolt-ready holes and slots more accurately than ever before. This is […]

18th June 2020
The Power Of Plasma

A PES report By Ed Hill - reprinted from Production Engineering Solutions Although a well-established technology for cutting sheet metal, plasma cutting can seem overshadowed by lasers. However, the latest advances from Kerf Developments demonstrate that this process can compete, not only in cutting speed and quality but importantly on cost as well. Ed Hill […]


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