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An oxy-fuel cutting machine might be the very best choice when you need to cut through metal and get the job done to a high standard in a reasonably short period of time. Here at Kerf, we have all the oxy fuel cutting machine knowledge you could ask for, and all you need to do is contact us to find out more.

So why using an oxy fuel cutting machine over and above any of the other options we have, such as waterjet cutters and plasma cutters? There are a number of reasons why an oxy fuel cutting machine could be the best choice. Firstly, it is extremely accurate. If you’re looking for pinpoint precision to create your cut, an oxy fuel cutting machine will certainly give it to you, offering you the excellent cut quality and ultimately the cut edge you’ve been looking for.

Another benefit to using an oxy fuel cutting machine is that it has a small torch. This means that when using these cutting systems, you can reach much smaller areas and create more intricate cuts and designs. Your fuel cutting work will be exceptional because of the precision nature of the machine.

As well as being able to give you delicate and finessed results, the oxy fuel cutting machine is one of the most robust cutting systems available, meaning that you can use it to cut through extremely thick materials. Again, no matter what job needs to be done, you can rest assured that the oxy fuel cutting machine will achieve it.

When it comes to operational costs for cutting machines, something everyone needs to consider, you’ll find that an oxy fuel cutting machine is a lower cost than something such as plasma cutting which, although an exceptional cutting system with a high cutting speed and a highly regarded cutting process, is more expensive than the oxy fuel cutting process.

What is Oxy-fuel cutting used for?

Oxy Fuel Cutting Process Has Been A Popular Choice For Cutting Steel For Decades & Remains Very Much In Use Today Despite New Developments Within The Industry.

Oxy-fuel cutting uses oxygen and fuel gas for oxy fuel processes frequently to prepare plate edges for groove and bevel welding. It may also be used to cut scaled or rusted plates.

This method is also suitable for the following applications:

  • Rough manual severing
  • Precision contour cutting
  • Removing scraps

Once a welder has oxy fuel cutting equipment, he or she can utilise it for other cutting processes and operations as well including:

  • Flame hardening
  • Bending and cutting
  • Brazing or soldering
  • Metalizing
  • Welding by fusion

Because of its low cost and wide range of applications on metals of different thicknesses, a CNC oxy fuel cutting machine with fuel gas is a great choice for building sites and field maintenance work.

Remember, though, oxy fuel cutting does have its limitations. You cannot cut through stainless steel, for example, because an oxy fuel cutting torch does not just burn through the steel; it has to get through the pure oxygen resistant coating too. Because stainless steel does not rust, it is difficult to cut with a torch.

How does oxy-fuel cutting work?

The chemical reaction between the natural gas pure oxygen and steel that produces iron oxide is known as oxy fuel cutting. It is best defined as controlled corrosion. Preheat flames are used to elevate the temperature of the steel's surface or edge to around 982°C (or 1800°F ) which will appear as a bright red colour. A fine, high-pressure stream of pure oxygen is then directed into the heated region. The preheat and oxygen stream are pushed at a constant speed to produce a continuous cut while the steel is oxidised and blown away to form a cavity.

This technique can only be used to cut metals whose oxides have a lower melting point than the base metal itself. Otherwise, as soon as the metal begins to oxidise, it stops the oxidation by producing a protective crust of iron oxide. Oxy fuel cutting equipment is something that many construction companies find to be absolutely crucial to their daily tasks.

Although The Cut Quality Is Not As Clean As Plasma Cutting Oxy Fuel Cutting Is Cost-effective & Provides A Portable Way To Cut Steel With No Electricity

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1,500mm to 3,000mm cut width
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2,500mm to 4,000mm cut width
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3mm to 500mm
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Ideal for a wide range of industrial applications, oxy-fuel cutting has been enhanced and refined to make it often the most cost-effective method of manufacturing components.

In some instances, oxy-fuel can produce parts that other processes simply cannot. In other cases components can be produced more economically than through laser, plasma cutting or water-jet cutting.


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Cutting Machines

When it comes to an excellent cutting method that has been used for decades and shows no sign of being any less popular today, look for OXY-FUEL cutting machines.

For the best quality and the most precise cuts, OXY-FUEL profile cutting machines are certainly an excellent option to explore. At Kerf, your first choice for CNC cutting machine manufacturer, we can provide a wide range of different OXY-FUEL cutting machine options. Oxy-fuel cutting is a method that has been around for more than a century, dating back to 1907. However, it is still widely used today and is a critical component and technology in many sectors.

To cut metals, oxy-fuel cutting uses a mix of fuel gases and oxygen. A number of fuels may be used, with acetylene being the most popular. Speak to Kerf about our profile cutting machines to find out more.

Oxy Fuel Machines


Cutting Machines

Choose from our rapid selection of high-definition plasma cutting machines, for high quality components. Process machines for cutting mild steel from 1mm to 50mm thickness.

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Cutting Machines

When it comes to cutting, our plasma cutting machines are exceptional. Plasma cutters use plasma to cut metals like steel and aluminium.

Plasma cutters pass an electrical arc through gas (often compressed air), which converts into a plasma arc that is used to cut through the metal. The interaction of gases, high speeds, and a concentrated region of pressure results in electrically conductive ionised gas, commonly known as plasma. This technique is used on metals that cannot be cut with flame cutting equipment.

Compared to laser profile cutting which utilises fiber lasers and in which the laser beam does the heavy duty work for you, the plasma CNC machine is perhaps less accurate, but it is faster and can cut through heavier materials. That said, the fiber laser cutting machine certainly has as much a place in construction as the plasma cutting machine does, so don’t hesitate to ask us if you need one or both – or any other – cutting machine. We can help you no matter what cutting machine requirements you might have.

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Cutting Machines

If you’re looking for improved cutting speed with an eco-friendly touch, the waterjet cutting machines from Kerf, your chosen CNC cutting machine manufacturer, are the right option for you.

Not only can this cutting method get through almost any material you ask it to, but it leaves you with little to no waste, and it is an extremely accurate profile cutting method. When it comes to choosing a cutting system that will offer you everything you need, waterjet cutting ticks all the boxes.

Waterjet cutting employs an abrasive grit carried by an ultra-high pressure stream of water. The abrasive grit cuts using a mechanical sawing motion and results in a smooth, precision cut surface created at high speed.

Waterjet is the most adaptable method since it can cut nearly any material; even carbon steel is no match for it. Materials that are extremely fragile, such as tempered glass and certain ceramics, are among the limitations, however. Waterjet cutting is an extremely accurate procedure. It features a tiny kerf width, which allows for the cutting of delicate curves and the production of high tolerance components.

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