What Industries Utilise Plasma Cutting?

Plasma cutting machines – which are different from waterjet machines – have steadily started to replace traditional torches thanks to their range of advantages and the level of usefulness that they can offer to all sorts of different industries. Essentially, they use an inert gas that is compressed and produce a high voltage electric arc that simply slices through the sheet metal in question. So, in the following blog post, we are going to take a more in detail look at the industries that rely on plasma cutting the most instead of fossil fuel like crude oil and natural gas.

Aircraft Industry

When people start talking about plasma cutters, it is often the aircraft industry that is the one that will naturally start to spring up in conversation first. As well as military aircraft made by armed forces for the ministry of defence, these tools can also prove to be highly useful in the commercial aircraft field and the aerospace industry. Essentially, the plasma cutters are used to cut, create, and weld different components together depending on what sort of job is required at the time.

Automobile Industry

You may have naturally started to make the connection due to their usefulness in the aircraft industry, but the automobile field is another one in which plasma cutting – like water jet cutters – can be utilized. Similarly, its main function will be to slice through the different types of metals commonly found in motorcars, as well as create the types of unique shapes that are needed based on the specific needs and requirements of the manufacturer in question. Not only this but different parts can be welded together in a way that may have been much more challenging when we start looking at different tools and pieces of equipment.

What Industries Utilise Plasma Cutting? 1

Locksmith Industry

When a locksmith is called in to deal with a particularly tough job, and they need to slice their way through metal like stainless steels that are not automatically easy to deal with, it is often a plasma cutter that is commonly used in order to cut through them. This is down to their natural efficiency in doing the job. Otherwise, a significant portion of time would have to be spent attempting to deal with the problem in another manner.

Construction Industry

Perhaps one of the more obvious uses for plasma cutters that you may have already thought of is in the construction industry. Again, it comes down to their overall effectiveness in being able to cut through metal and being able to create different shapes and weld together what is leftover using robotics.

Art Industry

In fact, plasma cutters can also be used in a more creative guise. When the artist would like to work with different types of metal that is not always going to be as easy to slice through, it is often a plasma cutter that is the tool that they will turn to in their times of need. They can also be used in the food industry.

This wide range of different industries can end up using plasma cutting in one way or another instead of oil and gas, and there are also plenty more that could be added to the list.

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