Refurbished Machinery

This page contains details of our refurbished profile cutting machines. Our refurbished machinery sells fast & this page is updated often with our latest used and refurbished machinery. 


This is a new machine developed by Lincoln Electric which has the smallest footprint of any of the Kerf plasma machine range. It is a new machine designed for applications where space is at a premium. 

With a cutting table size of 3,000mm x 1,500mm fitted with a Flexcut 125 plasma unit the machine would be a great addition for many applications.

The machine is of a quality and standard that you would expect from Lincoln Electric the leading global supplier of welding and cutting technology. Delivery, installation, spares, consumables and post sales support provided by KerfDevelopments. Available from stock.

For further details or to arrange a viewing or demonstration email


MAXI 5500 oxy-fuel cutting machine (factory refurbished)

Burny Phantom control and drive system

12m x 4m cut area (can be supplied with a shorter or longer cut length if required)

4 motorised cutting torches

Delivery, installation and training.

Available for October 2021 Delivery


We have a brand new Plasmaster Plasma Cutting Machine that will be available for delivery in October 2021 fitted with a Flexcut 200amp Fineline plasma cutting system.

The machine is our most compact machine with a small footprint making it ideal for applications where floor space is at a premium. It is a high specification machine fitted with a BURNY control and drive system and a Lincoln Electric Flexcut 200amp plasma unit. The cutting table size is 3,000mm x 1,500mm and is designed to support a full sized sheet 25mm thick.

The machine is available for inspection at our workshop should you want to see for yourself the build quality and cut quality achievable with this machine.  For more used plasma cutting tables for sale, this page is updated regularly.

Available for October 2021 delivery


Throughout 2020 we have had a good throughput of factory refurbished machines in a range of sizes.

All machines that go through the refurbishing process are completely stripped and fully rebuilt and tested before being offered for sale.

The size and cut capability of these machine is really dependent upon the size of machines offered to us by existing customers as they upgrade to new machines. If there is a specific sized machine that you are looking for be it an oxy-fuel,  plasma, high definition plasma or UltraSharp machine then please email your requirements to


Our sales and support teams are at the other end of the line to answer any questions you may have about any of our cutting machines, or consumables.


Cutting Machines

When it comes to an excellent cutting method that has been used for decades and shows no sign of being any less popular today, look for OXY-FUEL cutting machines.

For the best quality and the most precise cuts, OXY-FUEL profile cutting machines are certainly an excellent option to explore. At Kerf, your first choice for CNC cutting machine manufacturer, we can provide a wide range of different OXY-FUEL cutting machine options. Oxy-fuel cutting is a method that has been around for more than a century, dating back to 1907. However, it is still widely used today and is a critical component and technology in many sectors.

To cut metals, oxy-fuel cutting uses a mix of fuel gases and oxygen. A number of fuels may be used, with acetylene being the most popular. Speak to Kerf about our profile cutting machines to find out more.

Oxy Fuel Machines


Cutting Machines

Choose from our rapid selection of high-definition plasma cutting machines, for high quality components. Process machines for cutting mild steel from 1mm to 50mm thickness.

Ultrasharp Machines


Cutting Machines

If you’re looking for improved cutting speed with an eco-friendly touch, the waterjet cutting machines from Kerf, your chosen CNC cutting machine manufacturer, are the right option for you.

Not only can this cutting method get through almost any material you ask it to, but it leaves you with little to no waste, and it is an extremely accurate profile cutting method. When it comes to choosing a cutting system that will offer you everything you need, waterjet cutting ticks all the boxes.

Waterjet cutting employs an abrasive grit carried by an ultra-high pressure stream of water. The abrasive grit cuts using a mechanical sawing motion and results in a smooth, precision cut surface created at high speed.

Waterjet is the most adaptable method since it can cut nearly any material; even carbon steel is no match for it. Materials that are extremely fragile, such as tempered glass and certain ceramics, are among the limitations, however. Waterjet cutting is an extremely accurate procedure. It features a tiny kerf width, which allows for the cutting of delicate curves and the production of high tolerance components.

Plasma Machines


Cutting Machines

When it comes to cutting, our plasma cutting machines are exceptional. Plasma cutters use plasma to cut metals like steel and aluminium.

Plasma cutters pass an electrical arc through gas (often compressed air), which converts into a plasma arc that is used to cut through the metal. The interaction of gases, high speeds, and a concentrated region of pressure results in electrically conductive ionised gas, commonly known as plasma. This technique is used on metals that cannot be cut with flame cutting equipment.

Compared to laser profile cutting which utilises fiber lasers and in which the laser beam does the heavy duty work for you, the plasma CNC machine is perhaps less accurate, but it is faster and can cut through heavier materials. That said, the fiber laser cutting machine certainly has as much a place in construction as the plasma cutting machine does, so don’t hesitate to ask us if you need one or both – or any other – cutting machine. We can help you no matter what cutting machine requirements you might have.

Waterjet Machines
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