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This page contains details of our refurbished profile cutting machines. Our refurbished machinery sells fast & this page is updated often with our latest used and refurbished machinery. 

Refurbished Machinery 1
Refurbished Machinery 2


We have a brand new Plasmaster Plasma Cutting Machine that will be exhibited at the MACH2020 exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham. The machine is our most compact machine with a small footprint making it ideal for applications where floor space is at a premium. It is a high specification machine fitted with a BURNY control and drive system and a Lincoln Electric Flexcut 200amp plasma unit. The cutting table size is 3,000mm x 1,500mm and is designed to support a full sized sheet 25mm thick.

Our refurbished plasma cutter is available for inspection at our workshop should you want to see for yourself the build quality and cut quality achievable with this machine.  The machine will be available for delivery and installation after the exhibition. For more used plasma cutting tables for sale, this page is updated regularly.

Available for April/May 2020 delivery and installation.
Refurbished Machinery 3
Refurbished Machinery 4


Throughout 2019 and the early part of 2020 we have had a good throughput of factory refurbished machines. As a result we have sold our entire stock of factory refurbished machinery.

All machines that go through the refurbishing process are completely stripped and fully rebuilt and tested before being offered for sale.

The size and cut capability of these machine is really dependent upon the size of machines offered to us by existing customers as they upgrade to new machines. If there is a specific sized machine that you are looking for be it an oxy-fuel,  plasma, high definition plasma or UltraSharp machine then please email  with the size and cut capability that you are looking for (material thicknessty

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