What Is High-Definition Plasma Cutting?

High-definition plasma cutting machines are a clear cut above standard systems. While this may not necessarily be relevant to you if the cut quality is not high on the priority list, it is crucial to know enough about these innovative tools to decide which plasma cutter is right for your needs.

For some, the additional accuracy, improvements in cut quality, and cutting speeds make high-definition plasma cutters a no-brainer, while others may not require this level of performance and are better off sticking with standard CNC plasma equipment. 

By developing a deeper understanding of the various plasma cutting approaches, you will better appreciate how beneficial high-definition plasma cutters can be. Even if you don’t opt for it right away, it can form part of your future work processes if and when you decide to upgrade your production line. 

Here is what you need to know about high-definition plasma cutting technology, how it improves over standard CNC plasma cutting, and whether it is the right option for you.

working with plasma cutting machines can make your workplace more efficient and productive, they are not without dangers.

Different types of metal cutting

Before you learn more about the benefits of high-definition plasma cutting, it is important to understand the different approaches to cutting metal and how they differ from one another.

One of the most effective forms of metal cutters is a conventional plasma cutting machine. This is a relatively low-cost solution, which allows you to cut metal far more quickly than if you were to use a laser machine. 

Alternatively, you could use an oxy fuel cutting machine, which is exceptionally accurate and is ideal if you are looking to create intricate designs on cut surfaces. They have a small plasma torch, which allows it to reach awkward, narrow, or minuscule areas of a piece of metal. 

Lastly, you could use a waterjet cutting machine, which is ideal if you are looking for an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient cutter that can be used in a wide variety of industries and tasks, such as profile cutting. It uses a mechanical sawing action to cut through materials rather than a thermal approach, such as plasma. The result is that it can cut through almost any metal with minimal waste. 

Benefits of high-definition plasma cutting

Now that you have a detailed overview of the alternative cutting solutions on offer, it is time to learn more about how high-definition plasma cutting machines can be of service. 

You are probably wondering why you would bother with the high-definition solution when the conventional plasma cutting machines are already so effective at cutting a wide range of both ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals.

The answer is that HD plasma machines allow you to cut thinner materials at a higher cutting speed, providing a high quality finish for cut parts. 

High-definition plasma cutters are similar to standard CNC machines, but they have a greater level of control over their plasma arcs, resulting in a superior cut quality. 

Therefore, it is best to treat high-definition plasma cutters as standard cutters that have been enhanced in every measurable way. If you are looking for the finest quality cuts, completed at high speed, without spending eye-watering amounts on operating costs, then this is a compelling option to consider.

Indeed, given the impressive cutting speeds and consumable life of its constituent parts, high-definition plasma cutting systems might be a more cost-effective solution than seemingly cheaper alternatives. 
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