What Maintenance Is Required For a Waterjet Cutting Machine?

Have you recently invested in a waterjet cutting machine? Or perhaps you are thinking about buying one, but you are worried about the upkeep? Either way, the below blog will tell you everything you need to know about keeping your waterjet cutting machine in optimum condition for longer. Follow these tips, and you will ensure that you truly make the most of your tool and your money. Keep reading to find out more.

Familiarise yourself with the manufacturer’s recommendations

Wherever you shop for waterjet cutting machines, you should be provided with specific maintenance guidelines and recommendations that will help you to keep your abrasive waterjet working as it should.

Make sure that you thoroughly read through these recommendations and that you familiarise yourself with how to carry out any listed maintenance procedures.

Use preventative maintenance software

Many people don’t realise that you can actually purchase preventative maintenance software systems for your waterjet cutter, which will actively monitor the operating conditions of elements such as the high pressure plumbing, the filters, the pump, and the water quality.

This clever software will also alert you if you require any replacement parts or if your machine needs any maintenance work carried out so that your waterjet cutter can be fixed before any required work becomes cost-prohibitive.

Regularly inspect and clean your waterjet cutter

There are several aspects of your waterjet cutting machine that need to be inspected on a regular basis. These include checking the pump and plumbing components for leaks and inspecting the slats for wear and tear.

You also need to regularly remove any accumulated abrasive and material particles from the tank, as these can damage your machine over time and result in an inferior cutting process. You can find a removal system to do this task for you.

Finally, don’t forget to remove any dissolved solids from the inside edge of the machine’s nozzle using white vinegar to ensure that your machine performs at its best each and every time.

Purchase spare parts in advance

Rather than wait for a component of your waterjet cutter to need replacing, it can be a good idea to purchase spare parts in advance as sometimes you have to wait a while, and this can affect your productivity.

If you need any spare parts for your CNC waterjet or another well-known waterjet cutting machine, contact us here, and we will source these for you. This will ensure your waterjet cutting machine always works in optimal condition.

Test the quality of water

You need to make sure that the water quality meets your waterjet manufacturer’s specifications. You should find that most UK city water supplies will meet the requirements. However, if you are using poor quality water and high-temperature water, you will find that the lifespan of your machine’s components, such as its pressure seals, are greatly reduced.

If the water you are using is not of the highest quality, you may want to use a chiller, water softener, or water treatment system to improve it.

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